Orange Tree Midknight Valencia Citrus Tree
Orange Tree Midknight Valencia Citrus Tree

Orange Tree, Midknight Valencia, Citrus Tree

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The Midknight Valencia Orange is an early fruiting Valencia. It produces larger fruit than the Valencia, but it's just as sweet and virtually seedless.

It is slower growing than the Valencia making it a wonderful container plant in colder climates. Plant this hardy tree in a decorative container and enjoy its fragrant flowers and fruit on your patio, deck or balcony during the warmer months.

Move it indoors before the first frost and you can enjoy fresh home-grown oranges even in the coldest regions.

The Midknight Valencia Orange produces large, high quality fruit. It has a nice round shape and a very smooth skin. Its high sugar and juice content in addition to its low acid content creates an excellent orange for snacking or juicing.

During fruiting it appears to produce a smaller crop than the Valencia. The yield is similar; however the much larger fruit makes it seem less productive.

The Midknight Valencia is a hardy, upright tree with wonderfully sweet fruit. This tree would be just as happy in the yard or in the house making it a great choice in any growing zone.

  • Seedless
  • Large Juicy Fruit
  • Great indoors or outdoors

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