Seed Starting Tray
Seed Starting Tray

Deep Root Seed Starting System Tray

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The professional, self-watering, seed starting system tray grows deep roots and healthier plants. Deep growing cells result in more root mass — the secret to vigorous seedlings that thrive when transplanted. The heavy-duty system can be used again and again. Developed in Europe for use in horticultural laboratories, this unique propagation system is proven to grow healthier, more shock-resistant seedlings. The 3-1/2" tapered cells are 50% deeper than similar seed starters. A capillary mat and a water reservoir ensure your seedlings get the right amount of moisture. Includes a base, 7-1/2" H growing dome with adjustable vents, and a 15-cell reusable growing tray.

Product Details:
Easy assembly
15-1/4" L x 10" W x 9" H overall; growing dome is 7-1/2" H
Holds 4-3/4 quarts of germinating mix

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