Mary Washington Asparagus Crowns
Mary Washington Asparagus Crowns

Asparagus Crowns, Mary Washington, Heirloom Vegetables

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These are asparagus crowns which are a living vegetable root sock, not a seed. Asparagus planted from seed takes 3 years to be ready to harvest. When planting from a crown, these one-year-old asparagus crowns will need two years of growth prior to harvesting. Be patient the first year of cutting by limiting spear harvesting to a 10-day period. The Mary Washington variety of asparagus was developed around 1900 for greater disease resistance. It is known as vigorous growing and productive asparagus bred to resist the disease known as Asparagus Rust. This variety is a favorite of many Back to Eden Gardeners. Asparagus is a perennial vegetable that thrives in no-till, wood chip garden growing conditions. It will be the most tender, sweet, crispy asparagus you've ever tasted. When harvested it will literally be dripping with juicy flavorful moisture!

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