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Asparagus Seeds Mary Washington Heirloom, Organic, Non-GMO

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The Mary Washington Asparagus is an extremely popular variety and old heirloom variety as well. These asparagus plants are perennials, and this variety can easily produce for up to 20 years! Asparagus is best planted in early spring or fall, and can be grown in all areas and all types of soil! There's nothing better than homegrown and hand-picked asparagus!
Asparagus is actually a perennial (a plant that lives for more than two years), spring or fall, flowering plant. It thrives in maritime habitats and can survive in soils that are too saline for weeds to grow. Crowns of asparagus are planted in the winter and your first shoots will appear in the spring. When you first start harvesting, those small shoots are often referred to as "thinnings" or sprue.  
All our seeds are 100% NON-Genetically Modified (Non-GMO). To be specific: Our seeds do not contain any exogenously inserted embryogenesis deactivator genes caused by human intervention or by any other method. These are the most natural and purest seed you can buy. These are the only seeds you can plant then save after harvest and repeat. We only sell seeds that are tested with the highest germination %. Above industry standards and guaranteed to grow.