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Coco Coir Mulch

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Coco Coir is an organic mulch made from coconut husks. It is ideal for use as a mulch for small urban gardens or indoor gardens if you don't have access to or the need for large bulk wood chip deliveries. While the nutrients of coco coir mulch does not compare to wood chip mulch made from arborist wood chips, it does provide other benefits including soil moisture retention and weed suppressing. This expandable block of mulch is so easy to use and compact it can be a great supplement to Back to Eden urban and indoor container gardens!

We’ve all been there: lugging heavy bags of mulch to the car, straining our backs and making a mess. These dehydrated coir mulch blocks weigh just 9 pounds and are delivered right to your door. Just add water and in 20 minutes, you’ll have 2 cubic feet of earth-friendly mulch. Made from coconut husks, coir has better water retention than bark, and reduces the temperature and moisture fluctuation by 50%. Keeps its rich color, too.

Product Details:
  • Each block weighs just 9 lbs, makes 2 cubic feet of mulch once hydrated
  • One block covers 12 sq. ft. at a 2" depth; 8 sq. ft at a 3" depth
  • Made from coconut husks
  • Lightweight mulch block hydrates to 2 cu. ft. of mulch
  • Mulch helps suppress weeds and conserves soil moisture
  • 100% organic, biodegradable and renewable

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