Ruby Red Grapefruit
Ruby Red Grapefruit

Grapefruit, Ruby Red, Citrus Tree

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Ruby Red Grapefruit is a very showy variety that offers incredible, well-balanced pink flesh. Make a sunny spot in your yard work hard for you and your family. Why buy Grapefruits at the store, when it's easy to grow your own? 

In fall and winter, beautiful round fruit hangs on the tree in clusters that resemble grapes. These pale yellow orbs are blushed with pink. Inside, the sweet flesh is juicy and can range from pink to red.

Love those vivid sour "Patch-type" gummy candies that marry a sweet, sugary taste with a kick of intense acidic afterbite? How about a sweet-tart Grapefruit?

Ruby Red boasts both Orange and Pummelo parentage, so the fruit is a well-balanced, lower acid mix. Sweeter Ruby Red won't pucker your mouth as much as other varieties.

Let kids add a sprinkle of raw sugar on top, and even picky eaters will enjoy these healthy treats!

Juice them, or add the flesh to smoothies. Use as a garnish in superfood salads or a mixer in cocktails. Any way you choose to use them, Ruby Red Grapefruits will help you get your health on!

Ruby Red fruit is filled with antioxidants like lycopene and beta-carotene. Enjoy these tasty, rich sources of essential Vitamin C, potassium, and a great tasting source of fiber. They are also just as pretty as a picture growing on your very own tree.

These fast-growing, broad-leaved evergreen trees are excellent in an edible landscape. But they are also very ornamental trees. Use them as a perfect living screen with benefits!

You'll adore the way the citrus-scented, fragrant white flowers perfume your yard in late summer and fall. It smells so fresh!

Lustrous, bold, green leaves are held from the top to the bottom of each branch, so why not use them along your fence line, or behind your patio furniture? You'll appreciate the privacy!

Buy two or more from the best fruit set. Yes, you'll get fruit from a single tree, but Ruby Red seems to respond well to having a partner tree in place.

Order your Ruby Red Grapefruit trees from the expert growers at Nature Hills today!

How to Use Ruby Red Grapefruit Trees in the Landscape

With a wonderfully shaggy texture, Ruby Red Grapefruit trees bring a lot of visual interest to your landscape design. Shiny green foliage grows in lush and full. The overall look is very tropical.

Use them as special accent trees near the patio. Just imagine walking outdoors to pick your fresh breakfast. It doesn't get any better than that!

You have a lot of options when it comes to Ruby Red. They can be grown in a large pot for your patio, balcony, deck or porch.

Or, grow them in the ground and keep them limbed up at either single trunk or multiple trunk trees. Leave the lower branches on for a large, shrubby screen. You can also prune them as short backyard orchard-sized trees for a really easy harvest.

#ProPlantTips for Care

This vigorous tree should be planted in full sun and given well-drained soil for best results. If you have poorly drained soil, you'll need to improve the conditions. Mound up soil to a height of 18 inches and plant into that mound.

Better to plant Grapefruit too high and mulch up to make up the difference, than to bury the root crown too deep in the soil. Mulch after planting to a depth of 3 inches, spread to 3 feet outside the canopy. This will keep the root system nice and cool, and cut down on surface evaporation in hot climates.

Ruby Red Grapefruit trees can be grown and maintained in containers. Size up gradually to maintain the preferred size.

Try a light-weight resin pot if you live in a cold winter climate. You'll be glad you did when you move it indoors in winter. Watch our #ProPlantTips YouTube videos for advice on transitioning citrus trees inside and back out.

Place in a sunny south-facing window with as much direct sunlight as you can provide. Try supplementing with grow lights, as needed.

Citrus trees hate to sit in water, so please be sure your container has plenty of drainage holes. Keep the soil on the dry side, but you do want to provide humidity with a daily mist from spray bottles or air diffusers. Call it a little mindful "me time" with your special houseplant.

Prune for size control after fruiting. You can also detail prune your trees to allow air circulation and sunlight to penetrate into the interior of the canopy. Expert gardeners decide which branches to keep first, and then carefully remove crossing branches to shape.

Enjoy this favored taste treat. Order your Ruby Red Grapefruit trees today!

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