Lemon Tree Dwarf Meyer
Lemon Tree Dwarf Meyer

Lemon Trees, Dwarf Meyer

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Our Improved Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree variety produces exceptional fruit on a smaller plant. It is expertly grafted onto the semi-dwarfing rootstock. Often called the "perfect" lemon tree, Meyer Lemon is the number one citrus grown worldwide. It can be grown all across the United States with ease.

Adapted to a wide range of growing conditions across the United States, the Improved Meyer Lemon tree is one of the most versatile of all citrus plants and fruits. The trees are equally remarkable as houseplants, ornamental patio plants or as a focal point planted in the ground in growing Zones 9-11.

Did you know that Meyer Lemons are not reliably available in grocery stores? Even though they win taste tests, they just don't ship well with their thin skin.

Fortunately, it's easy to grow your own Improved Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree. If you live where winter temps dip below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, simply plant it in a container. You'll bring the trees indoors, and put them in front of your sunniest window during the winter months.

You'll love the citrus fragrance that perfumes your home in late fall and early spring. It's hard to believe how well those tiny white, fragrant flowers can freshen your home with the clean, crisp scent of fresh citrus. What a fabulous plant!

Improved Dwarf Meyer Lemon trees are said to have a Mandarin Orange parent. That's why the fruit's rind is more orange than yellow. It's also why the ripe fruit is sweeter than a true lemon and has a hint of orange flavor. The Meyer is a winner for fresh eating and lemonade.

Meyer Lemons are rounder than traditional lemons and are slightly less acidic. They maintain their tart lemon quality while the skin is yellow. Once the skin turns light orange, they'll get even sweeter.

The flesh, juice, and rind are all highly prized by chefs. The Meyer Lemon is included with most all recipes requiring lemons. Good with fish, great in marinades, with tea and to make a fresh lemon pie. Many prefer the Meyer over the traditional lemon.

You, your family, and your friends will love having access to these amazing, delicious lemons with their tremendous depth of flavor. Order your citrus trees today!

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