Lime Trees, Bearss, Citrus Trees

Lime Trees, Bearss, Citrus Trees

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Bearss Lime is an evergreen dwarf tree that produces fantastic limes. It would look equally charming as a patio plant to move indoors in colder weather, or as a small specimen tree in a sunny spot of your yard.

Well known as a heavy producer, this dense shrub grows into a beautifully full crown. A fast-growing tree, the Bearss Lime is a high-producing tree. The heaviest saturation of fruit occurring during the winter and early spring in warmer regions.

Deep green foliage offsets the beautiful, fragrant, white flowers that shine in the springtime. It presents a beautiful backdrop for the developing fruit. You'll thrill to watching the bright green rind take on a gentle yellow blush when it is fully ripe.

Bearss Limes have a long shelf life and are prized for their uses in a large variety of drinks and culinary dishes. Some people even use the leaves for culinary and decorative purposes as well.

Today, the Bearss is the most widely planted Lime selection. It produces limes that have a smooth rind with green, juicy flesh.

If you live in a colder climate, no problem. Just plant them in containers and bring them indoors in winter. Give it a sunny spot to reside near a sunny window. You'll be charmed with the invigorating citrus scent that lifts the mood in your home during those cold winter days.

Look no further if you've been seeking an indoor/outdoor lime tree variety that boasts high production and excellent fruit. This nearly thornless tree won't disappoint! Order today.

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