Orange Tree Cara Cara Sweet Orange Citrus Tree
Orange Tree Cara Cara Sweet Orange Citrus Tree

Orange Tree, Cara Cara Sweet Orange, Citrus Tree

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Say hello to the Cara Cara Sweet Orange. Only discovered relatively recently in the 1970s, the Cara Cara didn't hit American markets until the '80s and even then it was only in specialty grocers. It still isn't widely known or widely grown, but we here at Nature Hills want to change that. We don't think we're overselling it to say that Cara Cara could be life-changing for you!

Cara Cara is a hybrid navel orange that looks like a regular old orange on the outside. Once you cut into it, though, you will never forget it! The flesh is pink - not the dark red of blood orange, but the sparkling rose of pink grapefruit. It is super juicy and the juice is pink, too.

As amazing as the color is, it is the taste that is going to knock your socks off! Cara Cara doesn't taste like your traditional orange. Some people say they taste raspberry, blackberry, and cranberry when they bite into it. Others say it tastes like orange candy. They all say, "Can we have more, please?!"

Perfect for citrus growing regions of the US, Cara Cara is also great in pots by a sunny window in cold winter climates.

These trees are just now hitting the home gardening scene and are going to go fast this year. Don't be left out! Order your today and after you've bitten into your first slice of Cara Cara give us a call and thank us. We promise we won't say "we told you so."

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