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People think of Washington Navel Oranges when they think of an Orange. The delicious fruit is seedless and easy to peel. There are a lot of things to love about this fruit-bearing tree. No wonder it's the most popular orange grown in the world. The fruit is sweet and has just enough juice for outstanding fresh eating.

It won't make you wait long for your first crop, because it matures early. It's also one of the first fruits ready for the winter harvest. Only a few varieties of orange like the wonderful pink fleshed Cara Cara ripen earlier.

It's a high yield variety, so you'll enjoy plenty of the rich tasting, easy-peeling oranges. These are large, meaty pieces of fruit that are easy to peel and separate.

No wonder they are a traditional part of all school lunches around the country! They are sweet enough for kids to love, too.

Your bounty can be left on the tree for up to three months without sacrificing their quality or integrity. This makes it easy to harvest as many as you want over the course of the season, which is perfect for the small-time or backyard grower.

Imagine growing your own fresh oranges and having the luxury of harvesting them at your leisure all through the winter months! What a healthy addition to your daily life.

Order today and start eating "really local".

Not Just Fruit! It's A Useful Ornamental Tree, As Well

The Washington Navel Orange Tree (Citrus sinensis 'Washington') is not all about function. Form is definitely present too, providing your yard with aesthetic beauty in any location you choose to plant it.

As you can imagine, the beautiful, waxy, white flowers smell absolutely incredible. They'll perfume your whole yard with that to-die-for, fresh citrus scent, adding to your outdoor enjoyment from spring and well into summer.

Local songbirds will love to nest in the tree. Keep your eyes out for hummingbirds, they'll love those fragrant blooms!

One of the best-kept secrets about growing fruit trees is that you can keep them easily pruned to the height and width you desire. Need a tiny tree? Do summer pruning for size control.

If you let it grow into a medium-sized tree, the Washington Navel Orange is an ideal single trunk tree. You can consider this a very giving specimen tree with a majestic look.

Or, keep the lower branches on to use it as a cute, rounded bush. These can be planted six to eight feet apart - measuring from the center of one to the center of the next - and become a useful privacy screen or hedge to block out an unwanted view.

Although it can grow to a substantial size in the ground, the Washington Navel Orange is also suitable for container growing and can be pruned to any desired size and shape.

Yes, you can even grow it in a container. Now we have the cold winter gardeners smiling!

Citrus in general is well suited for container growing and in areas where space is limited or a move to a new home may be in your future, grow your Washington Navel Orange in a container.

You can keep container plants limbed up as a small tree or kept bushier as a shrub. Either way, the Washington Navel is a fabulous addition to your landscape.

Washington Navel Trees prefer full sun and fertile, well-drained soil conditions. It requires a moderate amount of watering.

If you'll be growing it in the ground, please ensure it has good drainage. If you see puddles long after a rain, you'll want to build a raised bed 12 to 18 inches high and 3-foot square.

In colder climates, the Washington Navel tree growing in a container must be moved indoors for winter. Give it the brightest light you can and maintain moderate humidity to produce fruit successfully. Keep it in a greenhouse or attached sunroom is best.

A single tree will produce fruit, but we recommend planting at least two for the largest fruit set.

Our trees are always in high demand, and we expect these citrus trees to be very popular. Order now before they sell out and enjoy the benefits of growing your own easy-peeling fruit anywhere in the United States. For juicing, we recommend the late ripening Valencia Orange.

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