Paper Mulch, Organic Weed Guard, OMRI Certified

Paper Mulch, Organic Weed Guard, OMRI Certified

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Back to Eden Gardening no-dig organic weed control paper mulch that is OMRI Certified for organic gardening. This biodegradable paper roll is made from all-natural, cellulose fibers is a lifesaver for easy weed and grass suppression in your no-till garden.

Save the hassle and time of layering loose, thin newspaper sheets or stiff cardboard that enables gaps where weeds survive. Simply roll out this paper roll over cover large areas of gardening space in no time. It is designed to be thick enough to only need to apply one layer thick of paper to suffocate weeds. Apply two layers thick for areas with extra vigorous weeds. It is ideal for use as the bottom layer of a Back to Eden Garden plot for growing anything from vegetables, lettuces flowers, herbs, shrubs, and fruit trees. Promotes early plant growth, prevents weeds and decomposes naturally. Helps reduce soil erosion, saves labor pulling thorny weeds, avoids contaminating your garden with toxic herbicides, prevents microbe loss and compaction from tiling and digging.

Apply in the fall to allow decomposition before planting in the compost above the paper in the spring. To plant in immediately cut an "x" in the paper and plant transplants in the paper openings.

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How to Use Paper to Install a New Back to Eden Veggie Garden on Top of Weeds & Grasses:

Step 1) Mow or weed whack off the tops of grasses and weeds in your new garden plot. Allow the green vegetation to lay on the ground as a nutrient-rich mulch. I know it's scary, but it really works and it saves you time and labor!

Step 2) Roll out Weed Guard Plus paper directly on top of the weed and grass cut down vegetation. Hold down one end and roll it out. Cut it at the end of your garden plot. 

Step 3) Spray paper generously with water to saturate it and help hold it down.

Step 4) Repeat the process of rolling out your paper, ensuring to diligently overlap the paper edges about 3 inches to prevent weeds from sneaking up through any gaps.
Step 5) If your soil is very poor, compact, or your want to plant immediately consider adding a layer of 3-4 inches of compost first. Add a source of nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer to aid the wood chip decomposition into compost.
Step 6) Cover with 3-4 inches of freshly cut arborist wood chips from a local tree service company.

How To Use Paper to Control Weeds in an Established Back to Eden Wood Chip Garden:

If your Back to Eden wood chip garden was not installed with the proper weed suppressing paper mulching technique or too thin or a layer of wood chip mulch weeds may invade your new growing plot. Don't panic! They are the easiest to resolve by mulching. This method works the best, prevents future weeds, and helps soften your soil to make weeding a breeze. Remember weeds are just healthy plants out of place! They often even provide benefits to soil and aren't worth poisoning the soil or yourself to weed control.

1) Rake back the top coarse layer of wood chips into mounded rows. Repeat the steps above for installing a new Back to Eden Garden. Rake back the removed wood chip layer to cover the paper. Add additional compost and wood chips on top of the paper as needed to help suffocate the weeds.