Asian Hosui Pear Tree

Pear Tree, Asian Hosui

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Asian Hosui Pear Tree is the finest-tasting Asian pear: with pear-like sweetness and apple-like crunch. Pear aficionados—and who is not?—agree ‘Hosui’ boasts the finest flavor of any Asian pear. Very round, medium to large fruit, with golden russet skins and firm, juicy, sweet-tart flesh, mingles pear-like sweetness with apple-like crunch. The columnar, deciduous tree quickly grows to 10-15 ft. tall and 8-12 ft. wide. Produces a flourish of lovely showy white flowers, often arrayed with a flutter of butterflies. Fruit ripens from mid-August to late September. Self-pollinating. Cold hardy, drought-resistant, and heat-tolerant, a good choice for milder climates. 

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