The Grow System Summit 2021

The Grow System Summit 2021

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Paul Gautschi is one of the top 10 experts featured in The Grow System Summit 2021! A legend in the gardening world, Paul is a master arborist who has been growing his own food for over 65 years and is famous for his “Back to Eden” gardening method. ​​Paul doesn’t use a computer, so this is a rare opportunity to connect with him digitally. The live Q&A with Paul Gautschi was one of the most lively events of the entire Summit! 

The digital package entitles you to access to the entire Grow System Summit: 

  • Paul Gautschi's LIVE interview "Connecting with the Divine through Nature"
  • 10 live interviews with experts 
  • Exclusive insider stories and live readings from "The Grow System" Book from Marjory Wildcraft
  • The Grow System Masterclass 


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