Best Survival Seed Kits in 2021

We have faith that all of our gardens will not just survive but thrive during this coming year despite any hardships that we face as a result of the pandemic. That's why we are recommending the best survival seed kits in 2021 as one of the most beneficial investments to make this gardening season.


ARK Heirloom Seed Kits include heirloom seeds that are grown on a small family farm using the Back to Eden Gardening method! This means the seeds may be genetically adapted to more similar soil conditions to your Back to Eden Garden. We also appreciate the generous quantity of seeds that are provided per seed variety. This makes the cost of the seed kit higher than competitors but this seed kit is actually a better investment when you consider the cost per seed. We also love the FREE Seed Guide that is included which gives you detailed planting instructions, plant uses, and even how to save your own seeds for replanting for the rest of your life! Lastly, you can't find comparable packaging to this seed kit on the market. The unique design keeps seeds safe from natural disasters and helps preserve their viability for up to ten years!

ARK Heirloom Seed Kit


Seeds Now has a Mega Seed Bank that includes 55 different varieties of crops in a re-sealable storage container. This seed bank is your very own supply of open-pollinated, non-hybridized, NON-GMO seeds to be kept on hand in the case of an emergency or the unavailability of seeds.


The Back to Eden Gardening Heirloom Seed Kit is a curated vegetable garden seed kit featuring the most popular, best-selling heirloom seeds that are easy to grow in a Back to Eden Garden. Our selection includes twelve varieties of 2,000 vegetable, fruit, and herb seeds. Now you too can grow many of the same varieties of vegetables seen in Back to Eden Film! We took our time carefully researching, and testing the results of our seed kit varieties to save you time and work achieving the best vegetable gardening results. No matter if you are a beginner gardener or advanced gardener our seed kit includes crops that will grow well for your garden! 

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Dana Richardson

Article photography by Dana & Sarah Films, All Rights Reserved. Article Written by Dana Richardson. Dana is a gardener and documentary filmmaker. She has been growing organic, no-till vegetable gardens for over a decade using the Back to Eden Gardening principles. Her passion is to empower people to grow their own food and inspire more sustainable living through video, photography and writing.

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