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Choosing the best organic fertilizers for organic Back to Eden Vegetable Garden makes a huge difference in your growing results. Nutrients and organic matter are essential to building a healthy soil structure. Your soil fertility is the key to the success of your vegetable garden's growth. 

Back to Eden Gardening method is a no-till, organic, sheet mulching method. This means whatever you add to your garden bed is applied in layers, never mixed or tilled into the soil. To add dry fertilizers such as composted manure to your Back to Eden Garden you can simply sprinkle it on top of your wood chip mulch or mix it into a watering can to apply to your garden bed.  As you water or it rains, this allows a slow-release of the nutrients to leach into the soil as a compost-tea. If your plants need a more immediate dose of fertilizer considers an organic liquid fertilizer like kelp or fish emulsion. The basic rule of thumb for Back to Eden Gardening is that since arborist wood chips contain amazing nutrients and rich organic matter they will naturally help amend your soil and invite beneficial microbe habitats. You will need to add less and less fertilizer every year. You will witness your gardening results improve every year with less and less input required!
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