Watch Back to Eden Gardening Documentary

Back to Eden is an award-winning gardening documentary about Paul Gautschi, a master arborist and American gardener. Find and stream this revolutionary gardening documentary on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Vimeo, or purchase the DVD hereThe feature film teaches how to grow food in a no-till vegetable gardening method mimics the way the natural forest generates healthy, resilient, fertile soil. Paul’s regenerative sustainable permaculture technique is simple -- cover the soil with wood chips. Then practice these growing principles: No tilling. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. No matter the soil condition or climate, the results are astounding and the benefits to the health of soil, gardeners, farmers, humankind, and the environment are unprecedented.

Our documentary, streaming online for free viewing, immediately went viral. A decade after our film’s premiere, the award-winning gardening documentary has received over 50 million views in 228 countries. 

The critically acclaimed Back to Eden film has quickly grown into a world-renowned no-till gardening movement perfectly named, “Back to Eden Gardening.” Join the global gardening community on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter.