Back to Eden Gardening is a no-till gardening technique that uses wood chips to regenerate soil and grow healthy food. The simple, sustainable permaculture design of the Back to Eden Gardening method is to mimic the way the natural forest generates healthy, resilient, fertile soil. Specifically by using wood chips from tree trimming services as a vegetable garden mulch that decomposes overtime generating nutrient-rich fertile soil.

Back to Eden Gardening Regenerate Soil

The results and scientific research of the Back to Eden Gardening method have debunked the most common wood chip myths of nitrogen tie up, soil acidification and spreading tree diseases. The wood chips widely considered for use only on pathways and perennial shrubs are now being recognized as a premium way to regenerate soil. Back to Eden Gardening implements organic gardening principles. The primary goal is to create a self-sufficient, abundant, nutrient-rich, edible ecosystem. Healthy soil results in the health of our planet and the health of humankind.

Back to Eden Gardening Vegetable Garden


We are Dana Richardson and Sarah Zentz, the filmmakers who directed and produced the documentary Back to Eden. Our film went viral and has garnered over 50 million views in 228 countries and continues to receive critical-acclaim globally. Since 2011, we have stewarded both the documentary and the global Back to Eden Gardening movement that quickly emerged upon the release of our film (streaming online for free). For over a decade we have assumed the responsibility for the design and operation of Back to Eden Film's official website, newsletter, educational videos, research articles, press, and social media. It is our honor to educate and connect with Back to Eden gardeners from around the world. 

As avid gardeners ourselves, we see a big gap in the market for gardening and farming supplies that cater to sustainable permaculture, no-till gardening, and regenerative agriculture although the popularity continues to rise.

Our new Back to Eden Gardening website grew from the dream to provide gardeners and farmers with the best gardening supplies and resources to grow a no-till, organic, vegetable garden.  We offer all the no-dig gardening and no-till farming supply needs in one ethically curated place. We recommend a handful of products including Non-GMO heirloom seeds, organic mulches and compost, cover crops, no-till farming equipment, wood chippers, arborist pruning tools, organic gardening supplies, quality crafted gardening tools, and so much more!