We built a gardening movement not a company.

Since 2011, our documentary Back to Eden has grown into a global gardening movement to regenerate soil, conserve water, preserve heirloom seed varieties, grow organic nutrient-dense food, and sequester carbon. At the forefront of the movement are gardeners like you who care about future generations to come. Back to Eden Gardening is dedicated to empowering people all over the world to regenerate soils by restoring natural biological functions to their soils, eliminating the need for tilling and chemicals.

Thank you for continuing to grow with us!


We are Dana Richardson and Sarah Zentz, owners of Dana & Sarah Films LLC, and the Producers/Directors of the award-winning documentary Back to Eden. Our film went viral and has garnered over 50 million views in 228 countries and continues to receive critical-acclaim globally. Since filming began in 2010, we have stewarded Back to Eden film and the global Back to Eden gardening movement that quickly grew upon the release of our film (streaming online for free). For over a decade we have managed Back to Eden film and gardening movement including all websites, newsletters, educational videos, research articles, press, distribution, all social media platforms, and charitable giving. It is our honor to educate and connect with Back to Eden gardeners from around the world. 

Our new Home & Garden website, Back to Eden Gardening, grew from the dream to steward the gardening movement that blossomed from our documentary. Our goal is to provide an ethically curated online shop and educational resources for growers like you -- people who are interested in regenerating soil, conserving water, preserving heirloom seed varieties, growing nutrient-rich food, and sequestering carbon.


According to the United States Department of Agriculture, less than 15% of farms and agriculture-related companies are woman-owned and operated.

Dana RichardsonDana Richardson

Co-Owner of Dana & Sarah Films and Back to Eden Gardening

Dana is an award-winning documentary filmmaker revered as the Producer and Director of BACK TO EDEN (2011) and GOSHEN (2015). ​Dana received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film from School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2008. Additionally, she studied internationally at the Prague Art Institute and the University of Barcelona. She is a Back to Eden Gardener who practices no-till, organic growing principles. She lives and works in Los Angeles, California.



Sarah ZentzSarah Zentz

Co-Owner of Dana & Sarah Films and Back to Eden Gardening

Sarah is a documentary filmmaker and photographer known as the Producer and Director of BACK TO EDEN (2011) and GOSHEN (2015). ​Sarah received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in New Media from Millersville University in 2008. She is a dedicated Back to Eden Gardener who loves spending time in the garden photographing vegetables and fruits and filming harvest videos. She lives and works in Los Angeles, California.





Our mission is to inspire social change and environmental stewardship by empowering people all over the world with the tools, resources, and knowledge to live a sustainable lifestyle. 


Our vision is to see humankind regenerate the soil which will inevitably improve the health of humans and potentially save the planet. 

What is Back to Eden Gardening?

Back to Eden Gardening is a no-till gardening technique that uses wood chips to regenerate soil and grow healthy food. The simple, sustainable permaculture design of the Back to Eden Gardening method is to mimic the way the natural forest generates healthy, resilient, fertile soil. Specifically by using wood chips from tree trimming services as a vegetable garden mulch that decomposes overtime generating nutrient-rich soil.

The results and scientific research of the Back to Eden Gardening method have debunked the most common wood chip myths of nitrogen tie up, soil acidification and spreading tree diseases. The wood chips widely considered for use only on pathways and perennial shrubs are now being recognized as a premium way to regenerate soil. Back to Eden Gardening implements organic gardening principles. The primary goal is to create a self-sufficient, abundant, nutrient-rich, edible ecosystem. Healthy soil results in the health of our planet and the health of humankind.

Back to Eden Gardening Regenerate Soil


These practices help build healthy soil that could help draw down more carbon from the atmosphere than conventional methods. To do this, gardeners and farmers use a range of methods that have been around for millennia.


Back to Eden gardening is a no-till gardening method.  Eliminating the need for tilling can help soil retain more water, organic matter, and potentially store more carbon.


Back to Eden gardening practices organic gardening principles. Organic gardening means no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms. 


Back to Eden gardening uses Non-GMO, organic, heirloom  seeds. This is important to keep genetically modified organisms out of your garden and food growing system.


Back to Eden gardening is modeled after nature. This includes composting and cover cropping to help increase soil organic matter, sequester carbon in the soil, and reduce erosion.