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Dana & Sarah are award-winning filmmakers who share solutions to the global food crisis and climate crisis. In 2011, the visual storytelling duo produced and directed the viral documentary, Back to Eden. The message of the film is simple: Grow food. The documentary has garnered over 50 million views in every country in the world. It is currently the top viewed gardening video on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. For the past decade, thousands of individuals and communities around the world have installed Back to Eden gardens. What started as a movie grew into an organic gardening revolution. Dana & Sarah envision a future where people grow their own food. Where communities around the world are empowered to fight against hunger and reverse climate change for future generations. The Back to Eden Gardening Project is educating gardeners, farmers, and homesteaders how to regenerate soils by practicing regenerative organic growing principles, eliminating the need for tilling and chemicals. The goal is to facilitate a world where everyone has an organic garden to grow nutrient-dense food.
Million Views of Back to Eden
Organic Gardens Installed
Stewarding an Organic Gardening Revolution 

Dana & Sarah are the Producers/Directors of virtual events including Future of Food and Back to Eden Gardening. They have interviewed the leaders of the regenerative organic agriculture movement and organizations including Rodale Institute, Kiss the Ground, Soul Fire Farm, The Soil Food Web School, Regeneration International, The Food Revolution Network, and more! 

Dana & Sarah Films is currently in pre-production of a documentary series tentatively titled, Ark of Taste. The series features farmers, chefs, educators, and consumers seeking to celebrate the diverse biological, cultural, and culinary heritage of communities around the world. Highlighting foods in danger of extinction and the people fighting to conserve rare vegetables and fruits.  

Dana & Sarah are writing their first book, Back to Eden Gardening: The Principles of a Regenerative Organic Garden. The visually compelling book shares growing principles that appeal to gardeners, farmers, and homesteaders seeking to improve the health of soil, humankind, and the environment. You can support their work and pre-order a copy soon! 

In addition to videography and photography, Dana & Sarah are avid gardeners based in Los Angeles, California. Their Back to Eden garden has been featured in Fine Gardening and the duo host crop swaps once a month for Los Angeles based gardeners. 

Dana & Sarah work diligently to document and share the most powerful solutions to the global food crisis and climate crisis. If you would like to support us, please make a donation
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