Back to Eden Gardening

  • Back to Eden Gardening Interview and Tour with Paul Gautschi

    Paul Gautschi answers the most frequently asked questions about how to start a Back to Eden Garden and successfully grow food in a vegetable garden and fruit orchard. Gardeners and farmers will learn Paul Gautschi's answers to the most common Back to Eden Gardening problems, mistakes, criticism, and myths.
  • How To Plant Seeds in a Back to Eden Garden

    Planting seeds in a Back to Eden Garden is simple. We recommend that you first pull back the wood chips on the surface to expose the soil below the...
  • Free Wood Chip Delivery Near Me

    Sign up for a free wood chip delivery from ChipDrop an app that finds local tree service companies working in your area and notifies them that you would like a delivery of wood chips. Find free wood chips and wood chip delivery nearby your home address!

  • Back to Eden Gardening Documentary

    Back to Eden Gardening implements organic gardening principles and is considered one of the best sustainable permaculture methods for growing food. Watch BACK TO EDEN film streaming for free to learn how to grow your own food with less work!