Future of Food Summit

Can you imagine right outside your door is an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and herbs? You are growing enough food to feed your family and have plenty to share with your community. Today, our industrialized food supply chain is not able to withstand and recover from crises and disruptions in a way that ensures accessible and affordable food security for all. 

Thankfully, you can easily start growing your own food no matter where you live and that is exactly what the Future of Food Summit is all about!

During this epic 4-day Summit, you’ll watch over a dozen conversations from food experts including farmers and gardeners who are paving the way toward a more resilient and equitable food system including: 

  • Leah Penniman; co-founder of Soul Fire Farm, a black, indigenous, and people of color-centered community farm based in New York committed to ending racism and injustice in the food system. She is a farmer, educator, author, and food sovereignty activist.
  • Charles Dowding; market gardener and author who has pioneered modern no-dig gardening and organic soil management. 
  • Paul Gautschi; arborist and gardener featured in the award-winning documentary Back to Eden. He is passionate about growing food without the need to disturb the soil and eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
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Will you start growing food today? Here’s why you should!
  • Growing your own food improves food security! Food shortages are increasing and the cost of food is on the rise. Growing even a fraction of your own produce makes you more self-sufficient.
  • Growing your own food saves money! You will save thousands of dollars on grocery bills annually while improving the quantity and quality of foods you eat! 
  • Growing your own food provides better nutrition! Most produce loses at least 30% of its nutrients just 3 days after harvest. Spinach loses 75 - 100% of its vitamin C content in 7 days after being picked. When you grow your own fresh food you get 100% of the nutrients.
  • Growing your own food can help prevent disease! Evidence shows fruits and veggies contain compounds that can help prevent cancers, heart disease, and stroke that vitamin supplements cannot replace.
  • Growing your own food improves the quality of food! You can grow thousands of varieties of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and grains that you will never find in any grocery store. The variety in flavors, taste, and enjoyment of your food will skyrocket.
  • Growing your own food improves mental health! Prescribed medication for mental health issues has recently reached an all-time high. Gardening naturally promotes happiness. Contact with serotonin-boosting soil microbes and Vitamin D from the sun fights depression and anxiety. 
  • Growing your own food improves the environment! Homegrown food has a zero carbon footprint. Transporting food from farms to tables contributes 19-29% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Commercial agricultural production accounts for 80-86% of total food system emissions. 
Join us and be a part of building a resilient food system.

The Summit is FREE but available for a limited time (November 4-7). If you miss the event or can't make it, don’t worry! You can purchase a Lifetime Access Pass that gives you unlimited lifetime access to the Summit.

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