Food Revolution Summit 2022

We have a food system that’s making billions of people sick. It’s costing our economy trillions of dollars in “sick care” costs and it’s polluting our environment. Most will agree that the toxic conditions of industrial farming must stop. 

It’s time for a food revolution!

That’s why our friends, John and Ocean Robbins, created the Food Revolution Summit. It only happens once a year! The best part? It's FREE!

Food Revolution Summit 2022

As Back to Eden Gardeners, we know the importance of growing our own food... But we want to learn more about the power of the foods we are growing and eating for our health. 

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During the Food Revolution Summit, you’ll hear from 25 of the world's most respected food and health experts. Each interview is highly focused and lasts 45+ minutes. These audio interviews will be broadcast free of charge throughout the Summit. 

Imagine how good it would feel to eat foods that create energy, enthusiasm, productivity, and peace during the day while allowing for perfect sleep. And to stand (and eat) on the right side of history and be part of the solution on planet Earth.

We ALL have the power to take a stand for our health and for the planet. It’s time to rise up and say no to the status quo, to a system that doesn’t put our health and happiness first and doesn’t respect the planet or treat animals humanely.

The most powerful shift we can make is with the food we eat. 

Want to be part of the solution?

Sign up for the free 2022 Food Revolution Summit here.

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