Charles Dowding No-Dig Gardening

Charles Dowding is one of the leading authorities of the no-dig gardening movement of modern times. He has been gardening for 40 years, is the author of 10 books, and operates a market garden at Homeacres in Great Britain. He is an international speaker who shares knowledge through writing, videos, and teaching courses on no-dig gardening.
Charles Dowding explains the secrets to how his No-Dig Gardening approach works in this wonderful interview. You will be convinced of the results as you watch the stunning footage of Charles harvesting abundant yields from his vegetable plot. We are so excited to share with you engaging insights into his gardening approach and how it works!
No Dig Gardening Charles Dowding
No-dig gardening is exactly what it sounds like. Digging is another term for mixing or tilling the soil, especially when referring to gardening as compared to farming. In a no-dig garden there is no need to till or disturb the soil. In fact, the benefits of this less labor intensive process are immense! There are a wide variety of personally adapted approaches to no-dig gardening. Charles primarily uses nutrient rich compost as a mulch to grow his diversity of crops. Charles found that the compost as compared to raw organic mulches like straw helped reduce the damage from insects in his organic gardens. Especially since he lives in a particularly wet climate he found that non-composted, raw mulch seemed to harbor insects. As a market gardener who grows food to provide for his community it is important to Charles to have reliable, high yields. However, he found the conventional approach to organic gardening was highly labor intensive, constantly battling weeds, providing smaller yields. His No-Dig approach eliminates tons of the seasonal labor while increasing productivity and pleasure. You can see for yourself that Charles radiates joy! His exuberant mood is a testimony in itself to the pleasures of no-dig organic gardening.
  • What Inspired Charles' Journey to "No-Dig Gardening"
  • Founding Pioneers of No-Dig Gardening
  • How to Get Enough Compost for a Market Garden
  • Carbon Sequestering in No-Dig Vegetable Beds
  • Types of Compost: From Mushroom Compost to Wood Chip Compost
  • Understanding Why Compost is a Mulch
  • How Does Climate Impact the Best Mulch for your Garden
  • Why Weeds Grow When the Soil is Disturbed
  • How to Spend Less Time Weeding
  • How Kids Can Learn to Love Gardening & Eat Healthier
  • How to Keep Weeds out of Pathways & Maintain Your Garden Bed Edge
  • Can No-Dig Gardening Work on a Larger Scale?
  • Higher Profits and Better Food Quality Grown on Smaller Scale Spaces
  • The Benefits of Market Gardening on People and the Planet
  • Eating Healthy Soil: Microbes in No-Dig Soil and Our Gut Health
  • Understanding Soil Structure Particles, Aggregates
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  • Interesting way of gardening.

  • Love learning your method of gardening.


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