How To Plant Seeds in a Back to Eden Garden

Planting seeds in a Back to Eden Garden is simple. We recommend that you first pull back the wood chips on the surface to expose the soil below the wood chips with a Razorback Rake. The goal is to temporarily remove the coarse wood chips from the row you are planting your seeds. You must plant seeds directly into your soil or compost -- this is the layer directly underneath your wood chips.

Plant Seeds in Vegetable Garden

We recommend planting heirloom, organic, Non-GMO seeds that have a high germination rate. Plant the seeds according to the individual instructions for spacing, depth, etc. It is crucial to not bury your seeds in thick wood chip mulch before they have had a chance to germinate. Small, tiny seeds will not sprout if they are buried in a thick layer of coarse wood chips. 

Planting Seeds Back to Eden Gardening

For time specific and zone specific planting instructions, we highly recommended using the Farmers' Almanac Vegetable Planting CalendarThe gardening experts at The Old Farmer's Almanac have done the homework for you! Their planting tool is personalized down to your zip code, pulling from a database of thousands of weather station reports, and using the "days until harvest" for the most popular vegetables grown in the home garden. Then, they determine when to sow indoors, transplant, and seed outdoors based on what's best for each vegetable. The planting calendar will tell you the earliest dates to plant vegetables in the spring and the last dates that you can plant for a fall harvest, based on average frost dates for your location.

Planting Calendar

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  • I start most of my seeds inside, between January, and March. I plant the plants into my garden in early spring, as soon as the soil has warmed. I plan to prepare my planting holes, with my special organic compost and manure, and plant directly into these prepared holes in my wood chips. I will let you know how my garden grows. :-)


    Franklin E. Tompkins Sr.

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