The Importance of Buying Organic Seeds

We highly recommend buying organic seeds! Why? When you invest organic seeds you are supporting organic farmers. For the past 10 years I have been supporting a seed company that offers rare heirloom varieties. Truly, it is a wonderful feeling to be a part of preserving heirloom seeds. However, this year it dawned on me... the seed company I am purchasing seeds from does not offer any organic seeds! I go out of my way to buy organic -- organic produce, organic cotton clothing, organic oils, organic soap, organic everything! I don't know why it took me so long to realize the importance of buying organic seeds! 

Importance of Buying Organic Seeds

The top reasons it is import to buy organic seeds for your garden:

1. Support Organic Farmers and Organic Growers

Our number one reason to buy organic seeds is to support organic farmers! You can support the organic movement by supporting organic farms. It's that simple. 

2. Eating Organic is Better for Your Health

Organic foods have fewer synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and are free of hormones and antibiotics (animal products). The demand for organic food is only growing as people are making the decision to eat organic for the benefit of their health and the health of planet Earth! 

3. Organic Seeds are More Adapted for Organic Growing

This one is really important for Back to Eden gardeners to get a hold of. One of the practices of Back to Eden Gardening is to use organic growing principles. Seeds produced organically are better suited to organic growing conditions. 

If you are an organic farmer or organic gardener, it is important to plant seeds that are adapted to organic growing conditions because you don't use synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. The plant genetics contained within a tiny seed will determine if chemicals will be needed throughout the growing season. Thankfully, we can adapt seeds to naturally resist disease and pests, grow in warmer and dryer conditions, all the while requiring less water! How cool is that?

4. Growing Organic is Better for the Planet

Growing organic seeds has incredible benefits to our environment. The way we cultivate food has a huge impact on the planet. Our hope is that the US agricultural system pulls away from relying on intensive chemical farming practices. By buying organic seeds, we are reducing the amount of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that are being used to grow seed crops. 


With all this taken into consideration, the best seed a gardener can plant is seed that you saved from your organic garden! The seeds will be adapted to your location, soil condition, and climate giving you the optimal results.

If you can't save all of your own seed, please considering investing in one of our 10 Best Seed Companies that sell organic seeds and heirloom varieties!

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