Free Wood Chip Delivery Near Me

One of the best sources for freshly chipped arborist wood chips is a local, professional tree service company. After tree service companies have finished pruning, trimming, or removing trees, they will chip the branches on-site. They are often looking for places to deliver their truckload of freshly chipped wood.

Sign up for a free wood chip delivery from ChipDrop an app that finds local tree service companies working in your area and notifies them that you would like a delivery of wood chips. ChipDrop lets you place a single request to find arborist wood chips nearby that are delivered for free! SIGN UP TODAY!

ChipDrop sends out your request to all the participating tree service companies in your area, giving you a better chance of receiving a delivery of wood chips sooner. The next time their truck is full they can pull up your information through our service and deliver the wood chips straight to your driveway, even if you're at work. Once you get a delivery, they take you off the list automatically so you don't get multiple loads. If you do want another load, it's as easy as logging into your account and placing another request. 

"We help gardeners get free wood chip mulch deliveries." -ChipDrop

The free app helps gardeners and farmers find free wood chips from local tree trimming company near their home, community garden, or farm.  Although wood chips are considered a byproduct of tree trimming and pruning, they have endless benefits if used correctly in a vegetable garden or orchard. The best fresh wood chips for a garden are created from freshly cut tree branches of multiple species of trees that have been processed through a wood chipper. The resulting small pieces of chipped wood have a variety of shapes and sizes and contain plenty of green leaves and needles in the mixture.

ChipDrop has a basic quality control process so you at least have some idea of the quality of material you're going to receive. 


Planting seeds in a Back to Eden Garden is simple. We recommend that you first pull back the wood chips on the surface to expose the soil below the wood chips with a Razorback Rake. The goal is to temporarily remove the coarse wood chips from the row you are planting your seeds. You must plant seeds directly into your soil or compost -- this is the layer directly underneath your wood chips.

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